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Problem :

General Dental Practitioners only experience an average 48 hours of training in Orthodontics hence face challenges to appropriately handle Orthodontic patients.

Solution :

DentiNect software solution unlike other ML*- AI* technologies teaches while performing diagnostics.

Outcomes :

General dentists can easily learn how to best describe and diagnose Orthodontic condition under the supervision of an Orthodontic specialist or provide a better referral.

Intends to incorporate (d) ML*machine learning, AI* Artificial intelligence

Of the dentists believe DentiNect will improve patient care5

Of the dentists believe DentiNect will improve Orthodontic treatment outcomes by 98.1%5

Minutes/ patient are saved by using DentiCephX software5

DentiNects Core Processing & Technology Stack Dramatically Improves the Speed & Accuracy of Orthodontic Diagnosis

DentiNect leverages comprehensive curated dental specialist knowledge base with advanced software diagnostic technology to provide the general dental practitioner the help needed to understand & deliver Orthodontic care.

How do we help?

Dentists Portal
Dentists Portal

Registration –register your practice & automatically become a partner of global dental community

Key Benefits:

  • Develop a workforce strategy
  • Private practice optimization
  • Networking partners to achieve successful business outcomes

Invite or choose a referring doctor of your preference

Key Benefits:

  • Partner with experts
  • Patient centered care
  • Excellence in clinical outcomes
Dentist schedules real time appointment

Referring dentist schedules real time appointment with the experts before patients next visit

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline orthodontic care
  • Customer relationship experience tools
  • Unidirectional workflow
Exchange notes via a secure channel
Exchange notes

Exchange notes via a secure channel

Key Benefits:

  • Track improvement in treatment
  • Documented clinical data
  • Supervised clinical decisions
Status updates between doctors

Real time status updates between doctors through treatment

Key Benefits:

  • Aligning clinical metrics
  • Expert guidance
  • Operational efficiency
Engaging Dental Caregivers
Integrated Insights

Focus on identifying patient needs and engaging dental caregivers

Key Benefits:

  • Evidence based treatment
  • Documented patient journey
  • Structure, process and research outcomes.
Outcome sent to referring doctor

Customized outcome sent to referring doctor for followup

Key Benefits:

  • Save time
  • Practice management
  • Additional income streams
Treatment Completed
Treatment Completed

We meet you where you are, building on existing strengths and addressing gaps with evidence-based solutions and experience-based mentoring.

Key Benefits:

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Customized patient care
  • Transforming dentistry through connected care

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