The DentiNect Platform is an emerging software platform exploring solution tools and applications, focused on both the practitioners (dentists/clinics, hospitals), patients & research- academia, dental supply industry as the main target group. Our platform will be providing target specific incentives for each group.

  1. Promotion via DentiNect marketing channels including our website, trusted review platform, social media and email user database
  2. Complimentary Press Release on our website
  3. Sponsored Facebook posts in your region for the partnership that you have joined the DentiNect Partner Network
  4. You will be added to our DentiNect Partner Network map on our website along with Partner badge on the On Verified Platform
  5. Exclusive access to our newest tools and we will give you the opportunity to test them out, which we can improve based on your feedback. We will also work with you on providing you specific options on those applications that fit your clinic’s model. ( it is up to you to decide whether you want to try them or not.)
  6. Complimentary access to future conferences of DentiNect where you can connect with other professionals from the field.
  7. Receive brochures regarding the tools and training of your personnel how to use our tools

Kindly, Follow our Dentinect Tools page for more information.

  1. Our partners will offer discounted yet Quality Dental Treatment
  2. Our products entail oral health awareness to avoid future problems saving cost and time
  3. No waiting time in acquiring appointments through our partnered channels
  4. Ease of choosing a oral health care practitioner according to your needs and resources
  5. Earn patients tokens or discounts on reviews and feedbacks
  6. Earn money through referrals
  1. Find easy income alternatives through DentiNect E-commerce platforms
  2. Get access to teaching and earning tokens via podcast channels
  3. Get unlimited access to indexed journals at fractional costs
  4. Get in touch with world class oral health care specialists through our platform
  5. Get attested and verified portfolio portfolios buildups

Yes, it is possible but you would have to sign up for the basic free package or directly Contact Us .

All you have to do is to upload X-ray files, and software will immediately do the work for you. After the analysis we will resend you the file, you can view the findings online, or download them to your computer or share them with your colleagues.

Yes.we can provide tracing and analysis services for scanned films as well provided that they are scanned with back light scanners (like this one ), provided a ruler for scale calibration is in the lateral cephalogram file Or Contact Us .

Normally our ML completes tracing within seconds. However if there are noises (such as with scanned films), cropped anatomy, wrong image uploaded –. Our team of specialists will review and complete such cases by next business day.


If, you refer an in- clinic patient to the specialists and that patient consents to treatment with that specialist. Specialist is bound to pay you a certain percentage of treatment cost through portal.

Through One Time case supervision and End – End Case Supervision.

Then you opt for one time case supervision option, refer the case to supervisor, get supervisors feedback and End Case in the portal.


We offer onetime payment plan for 12 months/ yearly where you pay upfront for the services (Website Packages/Portal Package). In this plan you save approximately 35% as compared to monthly prescription plan(s)

Kindly, See Portal Package Page.

This plan is for the portal package only. We offer flexible monthly subscription where you pay us on monthly basis. You can always Contact Us to know more.

Yes, you can always upgrade your plans and will offer you special discounts on upgrading from basic packages to portal packages. You can customize your own payment packages according to your needs.

Yes. Contact Us if you want to pause your subscription (monthly), and we will be happy to help you.

Yes, if you want to cancel your subscription (monthly) completely, Contact Us and we will help you.

No. There are no cancellation fees or any hidden charges with any of our subscription plans.


Kindly, Contact Us directly and we will guide you.

No, there aren’t any extra charges for you to pay but you will be offering an extra E-record Service to your orthodontic patients. So, kindly charge patient an extra 650 PKR on taking E- Orthodontic records this shall be deposited to DentiNect account once the case file has been uploaded on the portal.

E- Record Service offers the following:

  • Paperless insurance for 10 years
  • Record storage for 10 years
  • Unlimited cloud services
  • Ceph Analysis
  • Unlimited picture up loaders
  • Data security
  • Inter-referral system operational fees
  • Better treatment options and alternatives