Note*: Are you taking all the latest precautionary guidelines prescribed by your local or National Health Regulatory Authority for COVID-19 to ensure personal, patient and staff safety ? If, Yes it will appear as " Green tick and will be marked as “COVID- 19 Safe Practice" on your public profile. DentiNect isn't responsible or liable for ensuring the safety of patients, personal, procedural or clinic safety protocols or liable to any legality in any jurisdiction.

Fee Structure For Portal: users/Orthodontists/Specialists/Supervisors/Orthodontic Residents:

One-time Orthodontic Treatment Plan fee: _________ PKR (NOTE *: It will be mandatory for you to complete missing fields / mandatory fields in history sheets and devising a detailed orthodontic treatment plan) you can nominate a trainee to do that for you too.

End to End Case supervision: A fixed percentage will be given to each case supervisor based on the total case cost per visit.

Additional E-Records Service charges: Charge the new reporting orthodontic patient for an additional service at record taking. New case upload will require a fixed E record Payment of PKR 650 to DentiNect.

What does E-Record Service offer the patient?
  • Paperless Insurance
  • Record Storage
  • Better Treatment Options
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Security
  • Inter-Referral System Operational Fees

NOTE*: Kindly, be careful of scammers and security breach. Keep your passwords safe and do not share them with anyone. DentiNect and associates shall never call to ask for pin codes, financial information, cards, or any other financial detail. In any case of misuse, DentiNect shall not be responsible. DentiNect falls under the UN sustainable goal category. The portal system operates on complex transactions and payment models between dentists to specialists to monetize income streams for each role where some bank account information shall be mandatory.