Are you a Dentist or an Orthodontic Specialist?
Manage your Patients on the Go

Managing patients has never been easier, DentiNect services the following at an unimaginable cost:
1. Channel your practices as partners
2. Patient profiling personalized dashboard
3. Ease use of inbuilt diagnostic software
4. Secure data archiving practice management
5. Direct connectivity to specialist supervision
6. Transparent patient reviews
7. Marketing & additional income streams

Are you a Patient?

Does your child have crooked teeth? Is the diagnosis too expensive or traveling times are too far to specialist? Orthodontist. DentiNect Virtual Care manages your oral health care anywhere:
1. No more Waiting times
2. Hassle free last minute rescheduling
3. Find a Dentist nearest to you on a speed ticket
4. Quote your own price
5. Upload your pictures get a pretreatment assessment
6. Quote DentiNect, earn partner rewards & save
on procedures

Are you an Orthodontic
Resident / Dental Student?

DentiNect will give you access to list of global Orthodontic experts and they will guide you step by step from patient diagnosis to end of treatment
1. For General dentists with limited orthodontic skillset
2. Verified skill endorsement for fresh graduates / Orthodontic residents
3. Speedy accessibility to orthodontic case supervisors
4. Cross border second opinions at fractional costs
5. Orthodontic file management system