Dr. Sundus Wahid – Founder & Team Lead
Sundus Wahid CEO

Dr. Sundus holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery & Specialization in Orthodontics. She has passionately been working on deriving economical digital health care solutions for the past 06 years. She conceptualized DentiNect during her Orthodontic residency that falls under the "Original Innovation" category in the digital oral healthcare paradigm. Under her supervision team, DentiNect has been relentlessly working to unify private and public partnerships envisioning primal and strategic positioning of Pakistan on the map of the 4th industrial revolution.

Dr. Sundus’s idea of synergistic- collaboration to drive change-makers by digitized knowledge base has been upbringing leadership qualities, entrepreneurial innovation, capacity building & progressive mindset, especially to female medical students and clinicians. She is focused on devising algorithms on clinical data set caches in AI models to improve the efficiency of clinical Orthodontic diagnostics whilst reducing the workflow burden in dental practices. She has held a number of managerial roles in non- governmental initiatives focused on providing counseling sessions, awareness drives & free elementary level education to underprivileged.