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1- How would you describe your journey from worn torn Iraq, Mosul to Glasgow Orthodontic Society?


It was a very long journey, in those days Jordan was a station for everyone fleeing Iraq after 25 years into civil war. Mostly, the journey between Jordan – Dubai- Canada and UK were to explore career and academic opportunities. The only way I stayed on the track was not to ever stop dreaming, no matter how long the journey was.


2. How did you come up with an idea of Orthodontic mastery group and were you expecting it to have come so far?


I love academia and teaching, however under the umbrella of academia one falls in the hand of bureaucracy and I abhor being controlled by it and couldn’t cope with. So, I founded Glasgow Orthodontic academy that proved to be financial success and quite fulfilling. However, later on I realized that we need to help the orthos with limited access to free learning material and orthodontic mastery group was founded in 2018 to help the profession.


3. How would you define the impact metrics of Orthodontics mastery group?


We have more than 8000 registered Orthos during the Covid-19 we arranged more than a 100 webinars spanning over 03months with 80 pioneers as speakers to teach an average of 1000 attendees per seminar, issued more than 120,000 certificates and had a grand total of 12,00,000 registrations. We organized multiple fundraisers for Alzheimer’s society and a mini online conference for Lebanese orthodontic society spanning over 02 days after the Beirut blast.


4.Why Orthodontics?


It was an outcome of unfortunate consequences, my brother who is my idol and specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery advised me to pursue orthodontics in order to avoid being a victim of revenge. So, overtime I fell in love with the subject, it was quite unexpected and here we are today.


5. Having said that you have many followers from Pakistan. Will you like to visit us in the future? 


Yes, I would love too. I have been inducted as an honorary professor of Orthodontics at one of the leading dental colleges Akhtar Saeed medical and dental college. 


6. What values describe MO Almuzian the best?


  • -Simplicity
  • -Sharing for learning
  • -Belief in ­Karma
  • -Kindness


7. What were the challenges during Covid- 19? What is a positive take home message from 2020 in times of Covid?

During the initial lockdown the levels of uncertainty was huge and it was reflected in the form of stress & anxiety. Only way to be positive was to look in retrospective that our elders survived through plaques, Spanish flu and wars, we were not alone in it either. We need to learn to live everyday as our last.


8. Can you highlight the importance of digitization in Orthodontics in light of latest technology?


Necessity is the mother of invention, it is powerful tool that is like a two edged sword. It has immense significance is knowledge sharing, teaching and learning. But it has pitfalls if we use it as an alternative to real time patient -doctor clinical experience that itself is a unique bond.


9. How does Mo the super human maintain a find a balance between personal and professional life?


  • -Work part time
  • -Great partner makes me a super human
  • -Minimal in person social commitments
  • -An amazing team behind the curtains


10. Success to Mo Almuzian?


Procedure of multiple failures, the more you fail, the more you succeed the only way forward is to readapt and move on.



11. How do you find DentiNect? What impact can it create for Orthos?


DentiNect has a great potential, is a valuable idea and I highly recommend it be adapted in training, teaching and academic institutes. I am sure this shall progress, create impact and I support it as it is coming from an aspiring orthodontist who understands the Orthodontics centric pain points in the clinics and academia.


Rapid fire round:


-Favourite food?

Chicken karhai


-Favourite book?

The Doctor's Guide to Critical Appraisal: Narinder Kaur Gosall, Gurpal Singh Gosall


-Role model?

My father and elder brother



Physical is running and digital is PUBG


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DentiNect interviews Dr. Mo Almuzian

Best Known as Dr. Mo, @Mo Almuzian having completed more than 10,000 dental cases across three continents with an experience spanning over 17 years with 25 indexed publications. A straight honors student with 09 diplomas from royal colleges of Edinburgh, Scotland, Glasgow, Ireland & England. However, Dr. Mo’s greatest accolade is attributed to #Orthodontic Mastery group, a trans-continental free learning and knowledge sharing platform serving more than 8000 orthos around the globe. Founder of #Glasgow Orthodontic academy, Ortho exam, AVIOS analyzer, Ortho PAR, two line Tuesday, OSE cards and Orthodontic facts of life. Dr. Mo strongly believes in karma, kindness, can sing in Arabic whilst running, swoons chicken karhai and is a pro at PUBG.


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