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DentiNect: An Epic Journey of Persistent Failures to Finding Meaning of Life (Welcome Note by the Founder DentiNect)


Doctor by profession and entrepreneur by passion. My truest passion was to live a life of a wandering artist to draw my own version of “Impressionism” beating Claude Monet, unifying history of philosophy under Descartes originals, reveal sensitivities of human emotions in mesh of linguistics or perhaps mimic Andre Rieu on a rainy London afternoon. In my naivety, I disclosed my sweet blaspheme of pursuing a career as a writer-artist to my “ultra-conservative” “Eastern- Valued” parents. As a reckoning I had to serve the most grueling “perfectly timed” dental school & later Orthodontic residency.

Living a life in polar disparities from “What you are” to “Who people want you to be” sulked me into intense unhappiness, fierce anxiety & permanent discontentment. In the midst of this perpetual pandemonium, I craved to be tagged as the high achiever. I subconsciously patterned into self-destructiveness, silent selfishness; I thrived to be fed on poison of acknowledgement but deep down I harnessed resentment, fanatical ego, and disproportionate pursuit of illusionary perfection. I invented poignant reasons to confuse “mirage” of self-doubts as “conviction”, I would pour people’s goblets with “undivided attention” where my whole being was thirsty by “distractions”, I craved for unwanted “validity” to be accepted as an” unexceptional norm” where I clearly stood out as “outstanding”. I was disoriented to identify between “temporary serotonin uproars” called happiness and true self-actualization. I lacked judgment to differentiate between oppression, injustice, beginnings, endings, holding on, letting go, expectations, reality, constructive criticism, chiding rebuttals, friends & foes. In short,I was a million light years away from saving because I feigned my strengths ____ I was the most perfect, beautiful, artistic piece of wreck. “What am I doing? What is the purpose of my life? What is the meaning of life”?  A rather haunting roaring voice that we all are familiar with often pierced through the abyss of my soul. There were so many problems with no solutions in sight yet I overlooked problems within myself.


So Where Were The Solutions?

I just halted, silenced my thoughts and rooted myself firmly at the epicenter of nothingness. I distanced myself from trivialities of life, human contact & disappeared into the wilderness of solitude. I embarked on the most tiring, vivacious, perilous journey of “finding myself”.


The Journey:

 The beginning of the journey was an awful unwanted process of realization of my very own insignificance, meaningless gluttony of personal ambition, disclosure of insolent arrogance & detoxification of “amour propre”. In the middle of this discourse spark of pain thresholds scaled, potential of resilience overwhelmed, silent cries broke every bone and in the end undying patience sprouted to beautiful endurance ___“Big Bang” bore a new universe within me the phenomenon I call “infinite silent- state- transition to unification” where all polar opposites inside and outside co-exist in absolute harmony.


The Outcomes:

The master and apprentice became “I”, rocky trail & river beds became “I”, the blistered feet & soles became “I”, grandiose of rejection & acceptance became “I”, undying ambition & effortlessness became “I”, unlettered humiliation & appreciation became “I'' sleepless toils & rest became “I”. All the hells & heavens, blacks & whites, yins & yangs, angels & devils were subservient to the power an invisible greater than life, seemingly distant- near goal became “I”. I peacefully warded goodbyes to ones who took their own paths and welcomed the ones who became part of my greater “I”.

I found the meaning of life through denouncing the conventional criterion of success to redefine my own voyage of fulfillment through great intent, persistent effort, undying empathy and a goal larger than myself “DentiNect: Epic journey of failure to finding meaning in life”.


Lessons Learnt:

For the one who is reading this;

Yes, you, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you look like, whatever your belief system is, struggling, failing, success, failure, orthos, non- orthos, dentos, non-dentos, medicos, non- medicos, marginalized, centralized, bullied, rejected, accepted, scorned, abandoned, happy or sad. If you are a change maker, disruptor, innovator, rebel breaking the glass ceilings with one great skill (any skill) write to us, tell us your story, be part of our blog, refer your- friends to register with us as our equals “partners” or “ambassadors” or be creative to devise your very own unique title at DentiNect.  We will Create. Connect. Innovate every opportunity to help you unleash your talents & evolve through our network.

Many years ago, I prayed for another chance to find meaning of life (it was answered wrapped in toil of consecutive disasters & innumerable failures) but today “the uniquely- ordinary” is doing exactly what she loved to do writing originals, creating storyboards, generating ideas, documenting solutions, spawning tech savvy art and meeting people at deeper levels.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift & the purpose of life is to give it away” (Pablo Picasso)



Thank you for your support.

Welcome to DentiNect family

Dr. Sundus Wahid

Founder DentiNect

Author Information

Dr. Sundus Wahid

Sundus Wahid writes stories, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. She is best known for straightening crooked teeth through Orthodontic braces. However, her true passion is technology where she loves to mesh clinical Orthodontic knowledge with coding aiming to enable a globally connected Orthos-Dentos ecosystem. She is an avid advocate of female empowerment through capacity building and knowledge sharing. She enjoys all simple things like cocoa, cheesecake, deep sea diving, cooking desi food, climbing mountains, running in the sun, cold showers and new challenges as all originals do. You can connect to her at any time or anywhere and she will love to know more about you, seriously, try it.