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DentiNect in the Press 2019 - 2020

-October 2019- DentiNect get published in Dental News. The article highlights the importance of AI for better Orthodontic diagnosis and efficient workflows.

-November 2019- Professor Dr. Haroon Shahid Qazi editor in chief Pakistan Orthodontic Journal (POJ) highlights the role of DentiNect amid technological advances like Artificial Intelligence and 5G. The editorial highlighted the importance of an affordable and accessible Tele-Orthodontics, Tele-advisory platform “DentiNect” to be rapidly adapted in Orthodontic academic centers all across Pakistan to adapt digitization for better treatment outcomes.

-May 2020- DentiNect gets published in Vol 11.2 (2019) Pakistan Orthodontic Journal DentiNect: An emerging player in digital dentistry and Orthodontics: The Past, Present and Future”.


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